Pay-per-Click Advertising (or PPC) is a term used to describe online advertising schemes such as Google Adwords or Yahoo! Search Marketing. It can bring substantial numbers of visitors at an affordable cost if you know what to do and cost a fortune for no results if you don’t. NetSecrets ensure you achieve the former.

All search engines these days offer a mixture of results. They offer what are often called “natural” listings which are the result of the search engine examining the pages within your site using an automated process called “spidering”. Based on what it finds the search engine sees your site as more or less relevant to a range of search terms and your position in the results of searches for those phrases is determined accordingly. This is a slow process and it can take many months for a new site to achieve good visibility and only then if the site has been subjected to “search engine optimisation” (SEO), which is another service NetSecrets provide, covered here.

List Of PPC Activities



  Microblogging (e.g. Twitter)

  Expertise Sharing (e.g. LinkedIn & Facebook etc.).

  Yahoo Answers/Aol Answers

  Internet Resource sharing (e.g. Bookmarking)

  Image and Video sharing

  Music/Audio sharing and Podcasting

  Community Participation ( Facebook , Twitter and Linkedin )

  Social Networking & reaching target audience

  Interest group participation

  Create supporters for Causes and Events, etc

  Online Reputation Management

  Increasing traffic and ROI for sites

  Inbound Link Building (Both follow and not followed links)