website-developmentFirst things first, this is an awakening call for those who believe web designing and web development are the two words used to refer to the same thing. Well, it’s not! Talk to people who know exactly what they are saying and you will know the two are separate things. If web development is a skeletal structure, then web design would be the haute couture one wears for a fashionable look. The two words can be treated as siblings but they are not the same individual. Moving on, web development is concerned with the site’s architecture while web designing takes the form of an interior designer to make a room look more appealing.

web-developmentThankfully, Fair Infotech is just a click away; trust me when I say this, we are not merely good with words! Our web developers can code any website even while sleepwalking and can still come up with pretty amazing ideas. No, we don’t work with zombies but even on the worst day, our team of professional developers can perform far better than the sizeable number of other companies in the market. As it is rightly said, the proof of the goodness of a pie lies in eating it; similarly the flair of a developer is in his coding.

What’s in store for you?

Website development entails coding of software programs in a common language supported by web browsers and deploying the same over intranet or internet. These web applications emphasize on functionality and are based on the web designing principles. The experts at Fair Infotech have a sound and renowned technological background which inflames them to devise cost effective and time efficient solutions for our respected clients. By promoting a result driven and interactive approach, we guarantee the following customer services-

•    Implementing custom CRM/ CMS/ E-commerce system
•    Website feature migration from different platforms
•    Developing other complementary features like user areas, forums and blogs on the website.
•    Live chats functionality
•    Database creation for users, products or orders
•    Tailor made web applications
•    Application porting service for obsolete technology based websites
How do we turn your dream to reality?
Fair Infotech considers that our customers are our partners. Web development is all about open minds, respect and a good chemistry. We tailor your requirements into the desired web page by incorporating the following technologies-


PHP clones and website clone scripts- This high end processing language is a mushrooming trend amongst the web developers to design high level codes for a website.

mysqlMysql- Integrating gilt edged concepts with the creative minds of our team helps us to engineer an interactive website. SQL is a special purpose language used in programming and managing the information held in DBMS.


Zend- Widely known as an object oriented, open source developer of frameworks for web application, we employ Zend to provide architecture to your website! Web applications are the lifeblood of many enterprises, quintessential for business planning, management and execution.


Drupal- Wielding this premium platform for content management, we build quality content to enable our clients meet the extensible demands of their business.As good eating results from good cooking, our expert partnership will result in a good website! Join hands with us and unravel the magic of an online blooming presence.